Outside/Inside Quilt by SD63

If you have walked by our store front this last month, you might have seen the beautiful ‘quilt’ in our window. If you took the time to look closely, you would have noticed that each square on this quilt has been made by individual ELL students within the Saanich School District (#63).
IMG_3365Each English Language Learner (ELL) student within district #63 was asked to write about how people may see them from the outside. Then, they were asked how they see themselves on the inside. They took the information they wanted to share and created their own square within the quilt. The square has a variety of words scrambled together to create their own personal word collage about themselves. These squares were then all attached by paper clips to complete a beautiful display!

I think this is such a valuable lesson for, not only the students, but everyone within the local communities. What we see on the outside isn’t the full story. By interacting with different people you learn more about them, you see what they enjoy doing, how they act, and what personality traits they may have.. you cannot learn these things by somebody’s appearance. As educators we have to ask questions and build relationships to create a safe environment for learners to share, we don’t make assumptions on appearances. We have to understand that the world we live in is diverse with so much to learn from each other and what a great way to do that! We can see this model being used in so many other areas too.

  • Possibly use it with individual inquiry projects on science topics.
  • It could be used in the beginning of the school year to learn about each student

Just a couple ideas! 


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