‘Inquiry Mindset’ release anticipation!

Well, well, well aren’t we excited for this book release!

Trevor Mackenzie wrote, ‘Dive Into Inquiry’, which has been a huge hit with educators at our store. Trevor was able to break down how to incorporate inquiry into your teaching in a simple, reader-friendly way! ‘Dive Into Inquiry’ allowed teachers to understand how they can teach in a more meaningful approach, while supplying students with the tools needed for the world they are growing into.

Now he has co-written a second book! He has included some information on what to expect on his blog post last week:

“…we introduce the Types of Student Inquiry, a scaffolded approach to inquiry that proposes a gradual release over learning from the teacher to the student.  This scaffolding affords a ton of great benefits for both the teacher and learner.  From ensuring mandated learning objectives and curricular goals are met to best preparing our students for meaningful life long learning, you’ll love this approach to inquiry!”           – https://trevmackenzie.wordpress.com/ 

(Check out his post for more spoilers!) 

If you haven’t seen the first book by Trevor Mackenzie, ‘Dive Into Inquiry’, come on down and take a peek. We always have it on our shelves.


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