Dyslexia: Here’s Hank Series

I’ve been looking over some of our newer chapter book series. While researching a series called, ‘Here’s Hank’, I found out that the font they use in the series was created to help readers with Dyslexia (and easy to read for all children). This series is starring the same main character, Hank that is in 4th grade in the ‘Hank Zipzer’ series. This new series has gone back in time to when he was in the 2nd grade. We read about Hank and his adventures while he tries to figure out how to work with his undiagnosed learning challenge, known as dyslexia. The author of this series also has dyslexia, so I’m sure he has drawn from life experiences and difficulties he had faced as a child going through the school system.

What an amazing concept for a children’s book series! I am starting to see more and more titles that mention a wide variety of needs. Books like these help to create conversation around these topics and raise more awareness. This really is another giant step towards an inclusive learning environment for all children!


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